Call 541-737-2030 for safe, confidential support and resources


The Survivor Advocacy & Resource Center (SARC) and the Interpersonal Violence Prevention Team have joined together to form the Center for Advocacy, Prevention & Education (CAPE). CAPE will operate through a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to provide a continuum of programs and services designed to prevent interpersonal and gender-based violence and to support survivors.

The Center for Advocacy, Prevention & Education (CAPE) works with our OSU community to cultivate a survivor-centered, trauma informed, culture of consent. CAPE aims to create lasting social change and eliminate gender based violence through shared goals of comprehensive sexuality education, action-oriented prevention, and compassionate survivor support.

For Survivor Advocacy Services, please call 541-737-2030 or schedule an appointment for safe, confidential services. Our in-office hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. After hours, select option 1 from the phone menu to leave a confidential voicemail, or option 2 to reach the 24/7 confidential advocacy hotline with our community partner CARDV.

For Prevention Services, and to learn about OSU’s efforts to create a community free of interpersonal and gender-based violence or request a training, contact the prevention team at 541-737-2347 or via our workshop request form.


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Our advocacy team provides survivor centered care, seeking to empower survivors by prioritizing their rights,ensuring access to all of their options & resources. Advocates focus on centering how survivors define safety for themselves, the needs that they have identified, and providing support as they navigate their next steps. Our services are CONFIDENTIAL & FREE to students, staff, faculty, OSU Alumni and those impacted by a member of the OSU Community. In addition to advocacy, we provide training and engagement opportunities throughout the year, both on campus and in collaboration off campus with our partners in the communities where our campuses are located - this includes E-Campus!

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Prevention Services at CAPE helps the OSU community build and practice skills to address root causes of gender-based violence. Our Prevention Team provides learning and engagement opportunities to build healthy relationships and sexuality. Our activities use multifaceted methods to promote a culture of consent as well as a sense of community and belonging on campus. 

  • Skills based workshops, education & outreach
  • Sexual health education
  • Gender-based violence prevention education
  • Free safer sex supplies for students via on campus Safer Sex Spots and Dam Delivery mailing service
  • Consent and healthy relationships education
  • Prevention consultations for departments, clubs, and organizations

Learn more about our prevention services, sexual health resources, Peer Education Programs, and access helpful toolkits and resources.


A campus free from gender-based violence is possible when its efforts are rooted in community. It is CAPE’s goal that the OSU community see itself reflected in our efforts. This is only possible when we do this work side by side with our community. We hope that you will join us in this important work!

Learn more about our community workshops, the CAPE Advisory Board, and community resources.