CAPE envisions a trauma-informed community free from gender-based violence and oppression. We work with our OSU community to cultivate a survivor-centered, trauma-informed culture of consent. CAPE aims to create lasting social change and eliminate gender based violence through shared goals of comprehensive sexual health education, action-oriented prevention and compassionate survivor support.


Survivor Advocacy Services

We provide survivor-centered care seeking to empower survivors by prioritizing their rights; ensuring access to all of their options and resources; and focusing on how they define safety, the needs that they have identified for themselves, and providing support as they navigate their next steps. Our services are CONFIDENTIAL and FREE to students, staff, faculty, OSU alumni and those impacted by a member of the OSU community.

In addition to advocacy, we provide training and engagement opportunities throughout the year, both on campus and in collaboration with our off-campus partners in the communities where our campuses are located — this includes Ecampus!


Prevention Services

Prevention is Possible and We All Play a Role

  • Trainings: bystander intervention, how to support a survivor, consent, barriers, contraception, healthy relationships and more!
  • Consultations to help you find your role in prevention
  • Safer sex supplies and Dam Delivery
  • Peer educator program